Back in the 70s, two men, Kostas and Dimitris, thought about building a hotel in Samos, Greece. They built it at Pythagorion, birth place of Pythagoras by the
beach. Elegant bungalows with garden, sea or pool view, with a holiday team, ready to respond to guests' needs.


4040 years later

Fito Aqua Bleu still provides excellent hospitality, by recruiting local people and training them
to provide exceptional service, and renovating its infrastructure in order to respond to guests' needs and do what we do.



The resort is located in Pythagorion, birth place of great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras and of harmony itself.
The property is located close to Potokaki beach, one of the most visited sea side locations on the island. The town center is approx. 20 mins on foot and 4 minutes by taxi.

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